‘The Anxious Me’ is not just my voice, it is the voice of all those who are suffering in silence. | The Anxious Me

Mental Health is a subject that people hesitate to talk about because the Society wants us to be strong individuals who deal with their problems within four walls while we are expected to show up as if our life is all sunshine and rainbow. If you exhibit your vulnerable and depressed side then you are perceived as weak.

Rubbish isn’t it?

The Anxious Me is here to make loud noise for all those individuals who are struggling in silence and cannot express themselves to the outer world because of the false principles laid out that expressing negative emotions like stress, anxiety, depression etc. is a sign of weakness.

As someone who has suffered with over two decades of anxiety and depression, I am here to tell you that it isn’t a sign of weakness. If anything it portrays your strength for identifying and wanting to sort out your mental health issues.

Who am I?

Hello guys, my name is Anil. Anxiety and Depression stepped into my life before I barely moved into my teenage years.

My Core Problem?

I always had too much expectations of myself while I refused to look within to understand who I was and what my strengths and weaknesses were. Its this wide gap between my expectations and reality that hit me hard (really hard) in life that I am trying to recover now in my mid-30’s.

For over 20 years I chased dreams that were unrealistic and unattainable. I chased what other people were chasing without realising that my strengths lied elsewhere. But hey, what other people are doing (and succeeding) always makes us want to do the same right? And I fell into that trap. And I ventured into this trap so deep that I am having to give in more time to come back and start a life of my own and I am determined to do it more than ever because I know that thats the only way I can truly be ME.

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