The MISSadventure that was my School Life

Coming to think of your school life, what is your best memory? Is it the time spent with friends? Or how good you were at studies? Or how you used to excel in cultural activities? Every time I ponder about my best memories at school, I fail to come up with an answer and that’s

Accepting and Embracing Anxiety

The first and most important thing my therapist told me when I started to see her a year ago was that anxiety is something you cannot brush off and expect to live peacefully. The more you try to push it away the more it bothers you.   Although what my therapist said was straightforward it

Learning to Live with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

When Aarathi, my Psychologist, broke the news that I had Generalised Anxiety Disorder, it didn’t come as a surprise to me as I could sense the symptoms of GAD, which I have been experiencing since my school days. GAD is an anxiety disorder where people suffering from it are in a constant state of worry

Letter to 20 Year Old Self

This is a letter from a 34 year old ‘Anxious Me’ to the 20 year old inexperienced ‘Me’ who is about to step into a new world. Dear Anil, As you venture into final year of your engineering you see people around you discussing about life beyond graduation and giving various entrance exams/interviews to pursue