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The Anxious Me: Story of my Battle to Survive

  Years of self-inflicted depression and anxiety has lead me into a dark world that I am trying to step out of. As I look back at 34 years of my existence on this planet, the chapters are filled with anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress all around with a glimpse of hope here and there.

The Exuberance of Being an Introvert Which I Wish I Realized Early

If there was one thing that used to crush my hopes instantly in the past it was seeing someone speak with such ease in social gatherings that you couldn’t help but wonder how they seize the attention of the onlookers while I have to find a quiet place in the corner to bury my face

How Sharing a Piece of my Mind Liberated my Soul

Somewhere in mid-2017 when I was starting to experience panic attacks, I reached out to one of my close friend in South Africa and told her about my condition. She was someone I shared everything with and always took advice from whenever I needed one.  Panic attack is a condition where extreme anxiety takes over

Why I Chose Vulnerability Over Pretending to be Strong

These days when I go out to meet friends and dear ones I feel a sense of satisfaction and joy, because now I am open with everyone about my Anxiety. Sounds strange? I have been mum about my anxiety that has ruled most part of my life and it continues to hamper me while I